Sliding doors HS-Portal ® to the terrace

These sliding doors have been working flawlessly for 10 years, and only a grownup child gives out their age. What makes HS-Portal ® sliding doors so reliable?

  • The mechanisms installed in the HS-Portal ® sliding doors are designed for a double load. If the door leaf weighs 150 kg, fittings withstanding 300 kg are used.
  • HS-Portal ® terrace sliding doors do not sag down like regular windows, you do not need to adjust them. There are no parts requiring service in them. The door leaves just go up and go down like a jack in your car.
  • The use of glued laminated lumber ensures the strength and reliability of corner joints in large-sized door leaves (up to 3000x2600 mm) without fanlights and transom-bars.
  • Each working leaf of the HS-Portal ® sliding door is held closed by three locks: the main one and two additional ones. This protects the leaves from deformation.
  • The HS-Portal ® sliding door-handle has a length of 24 cm. Its lever is two times longer than a standard window handle, so even small children can easily handle the locking mechanism. Opening the leaf of the HS-Portal ® is no harder than the door of a large refrigerator.
  • Paint coat and glass units are selected based on the installation location of each specific product. It takes into account the side of the light, the number of sunny days in a year, wind, humidity, proximity to the coast and altitude.
  • The doorstep of the HS-Portal ® sliding door is inert to aggressive environments and is not clogged with dust and rubbish.

Wooden windows and doors HS-Portal ® are being manufactured since 2001.