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HS-Portal ® Terrace Sliding Doors for half-timbering: AF Scheme

HS-Portal®, scheme AF. Sliding terrace door from 1 m to 3 m wide, up to 3 m high, no blind part. A feature of the half-timbered scheme A is that the leaf completely covers the space between the pillars of the half-timbered house. Its width can reach 3 meters and turns the door into a glass wall.

HS-Portal®, scheme AF, is usually installed in half-timbered houses and verandas. However, such a sliding door can also be used in buildings of a different type, if there is a wall near the doorway along which the leaf will move.

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The exterior of the modern half-timbering presumes a visible frame of the building. The space between pillars and beams of which are filled with glazing. When intersecting, pillars and beams form segments that define the appearance of the entire building, so the harmony in size and shape of these segments is one of the priorities of the architect.

Such projects necessarily involve the use of floor-to-ceiling glazed doors. HS-Portal® terrace doors of standard schemes are suitable for this, but the customer should anyway put up with two conditions one way or another:

  a) The sliding door of the HS-Portal®, scheme A, violating the general harmony, visually divides the half-timbered segment in which it is installed into two smaller segments;

  b) Such a door can open up to a maximum of half a segment.

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The HS-Portal® door, scheme AF, solves both of these problems. It was originally designed for a modern half-timbered house, therefore, it has several fundamental differences from the HS-Portal® sliding door, made according to the standard scheme A:

  • The opening area is twice as large. The full opening of one segment between pillars and beams of a half-timbered house.
  • Proportionality of the glass unit of the HS-Portal® door with glass units in other segments of the frame.
  • Integration of HS-Portal® door nodes into the half-timbered frame, making the construction unobtrusive in the closed position and not violating the harmony between the frame elements.
  • The absence of structural elements that visually divide a segment or a glass unit into parts.
  • The absence of a blind part in the design of the HS-Portal® sliding door, scheme AF, itself, and, as a consequence, lower cost compared to the door of scheme A, opening to the same width.

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Since modern half-timbered houses are made of glued laminated timber, it is appropriate to use the same material in the manufacture of windows and doors of HS-Portal®. Undoubtedly, other materials have their advantages, but installing aluminum or plastic window and door structures in a beautiful wooden house look, at least, not logical.

Parts and nodes of HS-Portal® sliding doors made of glued laminated timber can be easily adapted for any half-timbered house. The production technology allows you to make the necessary changes to the design of the HS portal for its integration into the frame of each half-timbering particularly.

The HS-Portal® sliding terrace doors of AF and EF schemes are installed in half-timbered houses both separately and combined with each other. The doors of the AF and EF schemes can be joined at the corners of the building in the version with a corner pillar or without it.

The HS-Portal® sliding door leaf, AF scheme, can reach a weight of 250 kg when manufactured from 68 mm thick timber and 400 kg when a 92 mm timber is used. The nodes of the lifting and sliding mechanisms included in the Siegenia Aubi hardware are different from each other depending on the leaf weight. However, they provide ease of handling and long-term operation capacity in both versions.