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Veranda on the open porch

The project task is the glazing of the open porch. “It should be warm, light and comfortable on the veranda so that you can drink coffee, read, chat with a friend or work on a laptop, as if you are on an outdoor terrace, regardless of cloudy weather in Moscow suburbs,” said the proprietress.

To prevent the porch from looking like a glazed balcony and provide maximum transparency, the frame of the veranda is made of glued laminated timber that can reliably hold large-sized multifunctional glass units. One of the sides opens up to 75% thanks to the use of HS-Portal® sliding terrace doors of EF scheme.

Panoramic glazing on the veranda perfectly maintains a sense of openness: you can see all days in natural light, as it did not work in the house, especially on rainy days.

When you are inside the veranda, the rest of the yard is concentrated around you. Such a high location allows the proprietress to fully control what is happening around.

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