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HS-Portal®, CE scheme: leaves go behind the wall

We strive to meet the wishes of customers, and almost always we need to look for innovative solutions and create a fundamentally new design. To achieve the best result in the work, it is important that clients are not just interested in the price, but also send maximum information about their property when requesting.

Here is an example of such a fruitful collaboration: the customer received a HS-Portal® sliding terrace door with a wider opening part than she had supposed, and a new CE scheme has appeared in the line of manufactured structures.

When customer needed to replace the plain balcony block with a wide exit to the terrace, the solution was supposed to be quite standard: remove the old structure, expand the opening to the maximum size, in this case up to 3190 x 2380 mm, and then install the HS-Portal® door suitable for such an opening width : Scheme A, Scheme G, or Scheme E.

The customer was thinking of the solution with scheme E in order to open 2/3 of the opening, and sent photos and sizes for calculations. But it turned out that to the right and left of the new opening on the terrace there were walls with a width of 1180 mm each. This size was suitable to roll the leaves over the walls and open the entire opening. It was proposed to extend the frame of the sliding structure onto the terrace and hide it later, so that when opening the leaves would hide in the wall.

It was such a solution that was implemented. The HS-Portal® Terrace Door Frame is designed to ensure that the leaves closely adjust to the corners of the opening. The standard blind parts of the structure are replaced by wooden poles of different sections, since one leaf moves in one direction and two – in the other. In the open position, the door leaves are hidden by the cladding: they go entirely “inside” the wall and the three-meter doorway is opened completely.

Many thanks to the customer for an interesting project and photos provided.

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