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Verandas with panoramic glazinf. Addition to a house

The veranda made of wood and glass in a half-timbered style, 36 square meters, was designed by the customer himself. Its design is simple. It is a wooden frame on a concrete platform with panoramic glazing and a light roof.

The three sides of the veranda are made of high-performance glass framed by a wooden beam. The veranda is mounted on a concrete slab supported by piles. Thus, the heating circuit is isolated from the surface of the earth. During the construction, modern glass units were used to seal the veranda, and the interior is mainly dominated by wooden elements to maintain a sense of warmth.

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The large HS-Portal® terrace sliding door, scheme AF, occupies the entire opening between the pillars and provides access to the garden.

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Siegenia Aubi locking hardware allows you to control a 400-pound leaf with minimal effort, a heavy door made of wood and glass opens easily and silently. Modern engineering technologies hide a reliable steel mechanism inside a wooden frame, the structure has no wearable parts and does not require maintenance.