логотип hs-portal

HS-Portal ® Terrace Sliding Doors: Scheme E

HS-Portal®, scheme E. Sliding terrace door from 3 m to 7 m wide, up to 3 m high. Dividing into three leaves, usually equally divided, two leaves move, one extreme stands stationary. Opening at 2/3 on the width of the opening. The compactness of the room enhances the desire to be outside. The format of scheme E allows you to fill a small space with light and heat as much as possible.

Fully enjoy the beauty of the winter forest and snowfall outside the window. Such a wish was expressed by customers. After installing the HS-Portal® sliding door, Scheme E, the glazed terrace has become a favourite place in the house.

Siegenia Aubi locking hardware allows you to control a 400-pound leaf with minimal effort, a heavy door made of wood and glass opens easily and silently. Modern engineering technologies hide a reliable steel mechanism inside a wooden frame, the structure has no wearable parts and does not require maintenance.