логотип hs-portal

HS-Portal® is a woodworking company manufacturing sliding terrace doors, glazed verandas and wooden windows. Our main idea is to create a bridge between nature, culture and people through panoramic glazing. Inspirational surroundings have a positive effect on life and work of people, that is why the principle of interaction between the interior space and the environment is increasingly used in modern architecture. HS-Portal ® sliding terrace doors create transparency, blur the traditional boundaries between the completed structure and its surroundings, dissolve the feeling of limited space, keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The company began its creative existence in Krasnodar in 2001 with a small carpentry workshop, whose work at that time focused on the production of wooden windows from glued laminated lumber. We have always consciously devoted our consistent energy and enthusiasm to the glazing of each object, whether it is a small house in a horticultural partnership or an elite skyscraper in Moscow. In the first ten years of its existence, the company has grown and extended its experience, supplying its products to both private customers and large public and industrial facilities.

In 2006, the HS-Portal® sliding doors were first manufactured; one of our dealers had ordered them for their client. At that time, we proposed such doors as an additional assortment - then our main products were wooden windows. However, by 2010, the situation had changed exactly the opposite: the glut of the window market and the general decline in construction led us to become a small workshop again producing exclusive products - HS-Portal® sliding terrace doors, and leave the windows as a possible complement to order. As a result, we increased our geographical coverage of the market: our westernmost object is located in the Tver region and the easternmost - on Sakhalin. Now we are working all over Russia.

The small company size allows us to pay maximum attention to each client and clearly control the entire production process. With particular pleasure, we undertake projects in which it is necessary to implement even minor, but at the same time completely new details or plans of the customer, applying the accumulated experience of our masters to each new beginning.